Our Sad Planet

Recently my San Diego home has been devastated by wildfires. I had to leave my city in fear of my apartment complex being burned down. Luckily the fire fighters were able to hold back the fires, but they continued to burn for days more and each day we were covered in ashes and watched the flames and smoke. It really opened up my eyes to the reality of the hardships and struggles people all over the planet are facing. I read about events like this all the time. It hits me for a moment and then I go about my fault life. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who is guilty of this. I mean what more can we do right? When we read about a tsunami that hit a foreign country thousands of miles away.. That’s just the problem. It’s so far away what can we do about it? Well the answer is something. Millions of years ago there was no such thing as states, countries, of even continents. There was a planet and that is it. Truth is that planet is still there and it needs us more than ever. It breaks my heart that I am sitting here not doing anything about it. One day soon I will figure out my next step. That is a promise.


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