My Crazy California Life

Wow where do I start. I promise I am going to start posting a lot more often. I’ve just been extremely busy! So first of all after I left the vet, I landed an amazing job working for Greenpeace. For those who don’t know, Greenpeace is the largest independent environmental group in the world. Are famous fore catchphrase ‘save the whales.’ I spent my time with them canvassing on the streets trying to sign up as many members as I could every day. It was a great job because every single day I got to go to a new place and travel all around San Diego. I would work on Piers overlooking the ocean, store fronts, malls, a streets, and even at local farmers markets. However it was a hard job because every week you had to make a certain quota to keep your job. I was pretty good at it, but after about eight months working there on and off I ended up not making my quota. I was pretty ready by that point for something new. I don’t regret my time there at all, I learned so much from Greenpeace and still continue to use the knowledge I gained from them every day. I encourage everyone to check out their website at


So since I left Greenpeace I have moved a few times, but now I have my own studio apartment and am currently looking for a new job. It’s a market but I’m very hopeful. I’m dating a new guy and I’m very much in love. I know this blog is never too personal, but I want all my readers to know how happy I am😊. Once again I’m very sorry for my sporadic posts, but hopefully from now on I will try to keep you all up today on my life. As usual if anyone has any questions about Unity College feel free to comment and ask away. I miss Unity like crazy my best friend is still there and we talk every day They got hit by a lot of snow this year and I tried to make them all very jealous with my constant 70 degree weather from the sunny San Diego.☀️

Take care everyone and I hope I still have a few readers out there love you all! 💕


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