the Vet Life?

So it’s been about two months that I’ve been in California and I think I finally found a job. It’s not one that I ever saw in my future, but it’s a job with animals so I think that it will be a a good experience and it’s a job nonetheless. I am going to be a veterinary assistant at an animal hospital. I start tomorrow in a two week trial period, but I’m fairly certain they are going to hire me after in a full time position. I’m not going to give up on the dream job, but for now I just need a job so I can have some money and it’ll be good work experience as well. The job consists of setting up appointments, weighing and checking in the animals, and also a lot of pharmacy work. Image

In getting the job, they told me I was over qualified for the job, but as long as I would be happy with it, they are more than happy to hire me on. I do not think I will be at this job for too long, just until I can get some real work experience under my belt and until I can find a better job doing something that I actually want to do. I am very excited to start and I think being around adorable cats and dogs all day will be a lot of fun and the people I work with seem like very awesome and nice people. 



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