16184_4218305262299_2085813816_nThis is day one of my last week of finals. I was supposed to teach at the highschool today but they had a snow day so I spent the entire day in the library busting out my last project and studying. I have two big finals on Thursday and those are Mammalogy and Animal Health. Tomorrow is the last day of classes and all we are doing is review which helps a lot in the study process. The only thing I am looking forward to right now is for Friday because we are going skiing. And Saturday I am making that drive back to Ohio once again. We went skiing last weekend and it was extremely windy at the bottom of the mountain, but not at the top. So during our first run of the day we made it to the top and skied down, but no one told us that once we got down we couldn’t get back up. They shut all the lifts at the bottom down, but not the ones towards the top. So if you were already up there, all you had to do was just ski like half way down and you were fine. However we didn’t catch on so once we got to the bottom there was no going back up unless we wanted to hike. That didn’t get us down though and we ended up having the most intense and fun snow ball fight of my life.

A really cool thing that happened at Unity recently is the new arrival of our two baby sharks. They are called chain-linked cat sharks. They just arrived about three weeks ago and are located in our Wet Lab in our Science building, Koons Hall. For my Interpretive Methods class, me and my partner had to design a website as our Media Project for the Wet Lab. Here is the link for anyone who wants to check it out. We just handed the site over to the students and professors who are in charge of the Wet Lab and they will be adding new features on it soon such as the shark cam. They want to eventually, hopefully next semester, have a live shark feed on the website so everyone can see them anytime.

Unity is finally looking wintery and the snow and cold I think is finally around to stay. When I come back in January the snow will most likely be a couple of feet high and the temperature in the negatives. That is how it always is in January when we come back up after break. I’m not the biggest fan of those months, but skiing every weekend keeps me alive and okay with the cold.


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