Hurricane Sandy Misses Unity

I feel kind of guilty wishing Hurricane Sandy had brought us something a little more impressive. I’ll be the first to admit that I was sort of hoping for a “hurricane day” off school today. But Sandy brought us no such luck. But I do send out my prayers to those who are feeling the effects of Sandy’s worst. Sandy did bring us some rain, still going on today and I heard it was pretty windy last night. I do enjoy storms, almost too much. I also heard that Hawaii was hit by a tsunami last Saturday. That is crazy, but I still wish I could have been there. It would have been quite the experience.

Well anyway, this week is pretty uneventful. I have no big tests or assignments due so I actually have time to get other things done. I went to Nokomis Regional High yesterday, where I help teach 9th graders there. I will be teaching a lot more during the month of November, where I will be teaching about Global Warming and sustainability. (very Unity, I know) Halloween is tomorrow and I’m very excited. Last weekend however, was the Unity College annual Halloween Dance. It’s definitely one of my favorite dances here. There are crazy costume competitions students can win, good food, always a fun DJ, and of course it’s a great time on the dance floor. Last week we did a really cool lab during both my Mammalogy and Animal Health lab. We anesthetized a gray squirrel and five mice we caught in the Unity Forest using traps. It was really interesting to see how they reacted to the gas. We put them in a chamber and they went to sleep after about 1-2 minutes. We then weighed them, put them back in their cages, and then released them all back into the forest. The mice were really quick to come back, once they were off the gas they were wide awake and moving around in seconds. Which made things really difficult when taking a weight on them. Don’t worry, only one mouse managed to escape and was recaptured shortly afer. The picture is of tow of the mice inside the gas chamber. You can’t really tell from the picture, but these mice are almost asleep. Moments after this shot, the top one feel right alseep on top of the other one. It was precious.

Next week I will be flying to California to see my long, lost boyfriend who currently is a Marine stationed in San Diego. I know I don’t really ever mention my personal life, other than pictures, but I just have to mention this because I AM SO EXCITED 🙂 Also, I will be checking all kinds of places out because I will be needing a job out there after I graduate. I want to check out local school districts, camps, and maybe even Sea World San Diego or the San Deigo Zoo. It’s so overwhelming to think of all the possibilities I will have after I leave Unity.


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