Pacific Marine Mammal Center

untitledFinally something exciting to share! So right when I found out I was moving to California, I immediately searched for close marine mammal rescue centers. The only one I found was still a little ways away, but it looked amazing. It was called the Pacific Marine Mammal Center. They weren’t hiring but they were accepting applications for their animal care volunteer program. Where volunteers get a chance to work for the center one day a week for a year. I of course sent in an application, thinking if I get accepted, I can still have a paying job for the other days of the week. Well I didn’t hear back from them at all, so about a month or two ago I decided to send in another application. Last week I got a call and it was the center. I haven’t been that excited from a phone call since I got the call saying I was accepted into the dolphin training internship in Hawaii. They wanted me to come in for an interview and I did and they loved me. Tomorrow is my first day volunteering at the center and I could not be more excited to start. They have all kinds of seals and sea lions. I will write all about it next week once I have my first day there. Here is the link if anyone wants to check out the place:


I am still on the hunt for a real, paying job. I have a few leads, but I am holding out for something that I will enjoy and will be happy doing. It’s definitely a tough job market, but I won’t give up. Luckily my birthday is coming up so I’m hoping to make a few bucks from that ;) Well ta ta for now everyone!

My Crazy California Life

Wow where do I start. I promise I am going to start posting a lot more often. I’ve just been extremely busy! So first of all after I left the vet, I landed an amazing job working for Greenpeace. For those who don’t know, Greenpeace is the largest independent environmental group in the world. Are famous fore catchphrase ‘save the whales.’ I spent my time with them canvassing on the streets trying to sign up as many members as I could every day. It was a great job because every single day I got to go to a new place and travel all around San Diego. I would work on Piers overlooking the ocean, store fronts, malls, a streets, and even at local farmers markets. However it was a hard job because every week you had to make a certain quota to keep your job. I was pretty good at it, but after about eight months working there on and off I ended up not making my quota. I was pretty ready by that point for something new. I don’t regret my time there at all, I learned so much from Greenpeace and still continue to use the knowledge I gained from them every day. I encourage everyone to check out their website at


So since I left Greenpeace I have moved a few times, but now I have my own studio apartment and am currently looking for a new job. It’s a market but I’m very hopeful. I’m dating a new guy and I’m very much in love. I know this blog is never too personal, but I want all my readers to know how happy I amūüėä. Once again I’m very sorry for my sporadic posts, but hopefully from now on I will try to keep you all up today on my life. As usual if anyone has any questions about Unity College feel free to comment and ask away. I miss Unity like crazy my best friend is still there and we talk every day They got hit by a lot of snow this year and I tried to make them all very jealous with my constant 70 degree weather from the sunny San Diego.‚ėÄÔłŹ

Take care everyone and I hope I still have a few readers out there love you all! ūüíē

Time to get a Big Kid job

I found out today (for reasons I do not wish to tell the public) I will be leaving California soon. Which means I will be free to explore the job world. I can go wherever I want to go and apply to my dream job, finally! My first thought was back to Africa and my second thought was back to Hawaii, but when I think about it, why does it have to be somewhere I have already gone. My options are unlimited, I just have to research what all is out there. I really would love to find work in the plains of wild Africa, but that type of work is really hard to find. I just signed up for Unity College’s alumni career services and they are going to start sending me emails about jobs that fit my career goals and interests. One of my professors signed me up to a website that sends me any job or internship posting for marine mammals. She knew I loved marine mammals and when I graduated she signed me up. (Just one of the perks of Unity College, the professors are so great.)¬†

ImageMy time at the vet has taught me a lot, I’ve been there for 5 months now and have really learned a lot, but I am very ready to put it behind me. It’s just not the job for me. I love talking to the clients and seeing all the puppies and kittens. All the sick animals, deaths, and sad owners are really taking a tole on me. My heart is too big for a job like that. It gave me good job experience though so that is good.

I will have a lot more time on my hands now and will keep you posted on my upcoming new and exciting life. I can not wait for my dream job to come true. For once I will be doing something I love in a place that I love and I won’t have to leave it. Internships are amazing, but they all have to come to an end. A job is yours. I really am in the real world now and I can not wait so start experiencing it!¬†

Details on my new Vet Life

So I’ve been working at the Vet Hospital for almost two months now and it has turned out to be quite the experience. I do know that I do not ever want anything to do with animal medicine or veterinary aspects. However, my job entails something completely different for the most part. I am the person up front that actually gets to interact with the people and animals who come in. I am the one who they really get to know and I love that part of it. I get to check them in, talk with them in the room and then again when they check out. I do not want to be the one who comes in and has to diagnose what is wrong with them. It is definitely taking a tole on me seeing so many sick and dying animals, but I also get to see and play with a lot of really cute puppies and kittens! The other day we had three 8 week old¬†Siberian¬†huskys come in and I was the one who got to check them into a room and play with them until the doctor came in. I’m glad this is only a temporary job while I am here in California, but I really do love what I am doing and am getting quite good at it, if I do say so myself. It’ll be great work experience on my resume and I am learning a lot about making up medications and the details that go into ensuring that the animals are healthy and safe. I thought at first that I would want to make my way up to be a veterinary¬†technician¬† but now I can safely say that I am completely happy staying up front as a receptionist and occasionally assisting the doctors like I’m doing now. If anyone wants to check out where I work they have a facebook page and the link is:¬†¬†

Also, I am going back up to Maine for graduation in 3 weeks and I am so excited! I’ll be staying in my old house with my roommate who still lives there. I miss her so much and am so excited to see her. My mom and dad are also coming up so that will be really awesome having them there. My mom hasn’t been up since the day she dropped me off freshman year so it’ll be really cool showing her around and having her meet everyone. I am also very much looking forward to going out to dinner and getting some much needed Maine lobstahh!¬†

the Vet Life?

So it’s been about two months that I’ve been in California and I think I finally found a job. It’s not one that I ever saw in my future, but it’s a job with animals so I think that it will be a a good experience and it’s a job nonetheless. I am going to be a veterinary assistant at an animal hospital. I start tomorrow in a two week trial period, but I’m fairly certain they are going to hire me after in a full time position. I’m not going to give up on the dream job, but for now I just need a job so I can have some money and it’ll be good work experience as well. The job consists of setting up appointments, weighing and checking in the animals, and also a lot of¬†pharmacy¬†work.¬†Image

In getting the job, they told me I was over qualified for the job, but as long as I would be happy with it, they are more than happy to hire me on. I do not think I will be at this job for too long, just until I can get some real work experience under my belt and until I can find a better job doing something that I actually want to do. I am very excited to start and I think being around adorable cats and dogs all day will be a lot of fun and the people I work with seem like very awesome and nice people. 


My Move Across the Country

If anyone is still out there, I’m writing to say I am still in fact alive. My time at Unity has come to an end and I have moved to San Diego, California. I got here a couple weeks ago and I absolutely love it. My plans at Unity drastically changed when I failed to pass my¬†Praxis 2 teaching test. It was much harder than I expected and I missed it by only 2 points. However, my teaching career doesn’t end here, I still plan to get my teaching certificate one day, just in a different way. I will graduate from Unity in May with my Captive Wildlife Care and Education degree and when I do finally pass my¬†Praxis¬†2 test I will be allowed to student teach and receive my teaching degree and be a qualified teacher.

2013-02-09_16-22-59_226Okay so why California? Well if I havn’t mentioned before, I started dating my best friend a little over six months ago. He went to Unity with me my freshman year, but then left and joined the Marine Corps. We stayed in touch and he flew me out to see him just before I went to Hawaii and ¬† he stole my heart. He is stationed out here in San Diego and that is why I found my way out here. I will be back in Unity for graduation in May and am very excited for that. It’s so weird not being there. Leaving my roommate was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but it was time for me to move on and step into the real world.

So far out here I have had an interview at Sea World and I have an interview at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park tomorrow. For Sea World, I had to do a microphone test before my actual interview. They had me create a three minute speech about tide pools and actual perform it with a microphone in front of their tide pools in the park. It was nerve racking, but nothing I haven’t done before. I think I did pretty well and my interview went smoothly as well. I’m still waiting to hear back from them though. The job is for an education position, but it would be the first step to getting back to marine mammal training. The job I’m interviewing for at the Zoo is for a tour guide position. I have a lot of experience in giving tours thanks to Unity College Admissions so I should be all set for the interview! It’s all so overwhelming, but I’m so ready to get my first real “big kid job!”

So keep on reading and I’ll be writing soon about this exciting next chapter of my life!


16184_4218305262299_2085813816_nThis is day one of my last week of finals. I was supposed to teach at the highschool today but they had a snow day so I spent the entire day in the library busting out my last project and¬†studying. I have two big finals on Thursday and those are Mammalogy¬†and Animal Health. Tomorrow is the last day of classes and all we are doing is review which helps a lot¬†in the study process. The only thing I am looking forward to right now is for Friday because we are going skiing. And Saturday I am making that drive back to Ohio once again. We went skiing last weekend and it was extremely windy at the bottom of the mountain, but not at the top. So during our first run of the day we made it to the top and skied¬†down, but no one told us that once we got down we couldn’t get back up. They shut all the lifts at the bottom down, but not the ones towards the top. So if you were already up there, all you had to do was just ski like half way down and you were fine. However we didn’t catch on so once we got to the bottom there was no going back up unless we wanted to hike. That didn’t get us down though and we ended up having the most intense and fun snow ball fight of my life.

A really cool thing that happened at Unity recently is the new arrival of our two baby sharks. They are called chain-linked cat sharks. They just arrived about three weeks ago and are located in our Wet Lab in our Science building, Koons Hall. For my Interpretive Methods class, me and my partner had to design a website as our Media Project for the Wet Lab. Here is the link for anyone who wants to check it out. We just handed the site over to the students and professors who are in charge of the Wet Lab and they will be adding new features on it soon such as the shark cam. They want to eventually, hopefully next semester, have a live shark feed on the website so everyone can see them anytime.

Unity is finally looking wintery and the snow and cold I think is finally around to stay. When I come back in January the snow will most likely be a couple of feet high and the temperature in the negatives. That is how it always is in January when we come back up after break. I’m not the biggest fan of those months, but skiing every weekend keeps me alive and okay with the cold.


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